Analysis of the Draft Report of the Uranium Mining, Processing and Nuclear Energy Review

28 Nov 2006

The narrow terms of reference set by the federal government have restricted the Switkowski panel to a study of nuclear power, not a serious study of energy options for Australia. A body of existing research indicates that the objectives of meeting energy demand and reducing greenhouse emissions can be met with a combination of renewable energy and gas to displace coal, combined with energy efficiency measures, without recourse to nuclear power. The EnergyScience Coalition presents a range of articles from its members in response to the UMPNER draft report.

The Switkowski report misses the point (Professor Jim Falk); Economics (Dr. Mark Diesendorf); CO2 emissions (Dr. Mark Diesendorf); Renewable energy (Dr. Mark Diesendorf); Weapons proliferation and uranium safeguards (Professor Richard Broinowski); Uranium enrichment (Professor Jim Falk); A doctor's perspective (Dr. Bill Williams); Uranium Mining (Dr. Gavin Mudd); Radioactive waste (Dr. Jim Green)

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