Top ten creative and digital research publications 2013

18 Dec 2013

The ten most popular research publications from Policy Online's Creative & Digital section published in 2013, based on the number of page visits on Google analytics.

Young people and the use of technology (and the risks involved) was a particularly popular topic for Policy Online readers in 2013, while other reports in the top ten covered issues such as cyber-security, cultural production, libraries, and social responsibility in the fashion industry.


Image: citrixonline / flickr


What makes you tweet? Young people's perspectives on the use of social media as an engagement tool

Jen RoseLisa Morstyn | Youth Affairs Council of Victoria

3 July 2013 | This report explores young people’s use of social media and perspectives about how government agencies and community organisations should use social media to communicate with them.

Visits: 879


Auckland libraries te kauroa – future directions 2013-2023

Auckland Libraries

2 May 2013 | It is clear from growth predictions that the current models of library service delivery will not meet the demands of an expanding and even more diverse region that is both urban and rural.

Visits: 708


The Australian fashion report: the truth behind the barcode

Gershon NimbalkerClaire CremenHaley Wrinkle | Baptist World Aid Australia

19 August 2013 | This report examines 41 clothing companies operating in Australia and assesses what efforts they are undertaking to protect the workers in their supply chain from exploitation, forced labour and child labour.

Visits: 674


Young people and sexting in Australia: ethics, representation and the law

Kath AlburyKate CrawfordPaul Byron | ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation

11 April 2013 | This report presents the findings of a qualitative study of young people’s understandings of, and responses to, current Australian laws, media and educational resources that address sexting.

Visits: 620


Protecting your identity: what everyone needs to know

Attorney-General's Department

21 June 2013 | This guide provides tips for Australians to reduce their risk of becoming a victim of identity theft.

Visits: 612


Young people, social media, social network sites and sexual health communication in Australia

Clifton Westly EversKath AlburyPaul ByronKate Crawford | International Journal of Communication

16 May 2013 | This article presents and discusses the findings from six rural and urban focus groups with young people in Australia about the use of social media and social network sites for sexual health communication.

Visits: 601


Impact Australia: investment for social and economic benefit

Rosemary AddisJohn McLeodAlan Raine | Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations

2 April 2013 | The report showcases examples in Australia and internationally of people harnessing capital markets to: support community prosperity; encourage vibrant culture; and contribute new solutions for issues of exclusion and sustainability.

Visits: 596


Cyber crime and security survey report 2012

Centre for Internet Safety

26 February 2013 | This survey was designed and conducted to obtain a better understanding of how cyber incidents are affecting the Australian businesses that form part of Australia's systems of national interest, including critical infrastructure.

Visits: 583


Making culture count: rethinking measures of cultural vitality, wellbeing and citizenship

Cultural Development Network

28 February 2013 | This final report of the Making Culture Count Conference discusses ways to measure activities in a cultural context, as well as how cultural indicators sit alongside economic, social and environmental measures to support sustainable development, wellbeing, heritage and diversity.

Visits: 553


Creative Australia: the national cultural policy

Australian Government

13 March 2013 | Two decades since Paul Keating's Creative Nation comes Creative Australia, the Federal Government's new national cultural policy.

Visits: 543


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