Top ten education research publications 2013

18 Dec 2013

The ten most popular research publications from Policy Online's Education section published in 2013, based on the number of page visits according to Google analytics

The most popular report from the Education section in 2013 was about the role of expertise in public debate. Other reports covered how technology is transforming education, as well as social inclusion issues such as funding arrangements and barriers for students with disabilities.


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Expertise and public policy: a conceptual guide

Matthew ThomasLuke Buckmaster | Parliamentary Library

21 October 2013 | This paper seeks to provide a guide to better understand: what is expertise, how to determine who are the relevant experts where it comes to the technical aspects of public policy debates, and how to go about choosing between competing expert claims.

Visits: 713



The costs of unpaid HECS debts from graduates going overseas

Bruce ChapmanTim Higgins | Crawford School of Public Policy

30 January 2013 | A conservative estimate of the amount of foregone HECS revenue for the 1989 to 2011 graduate cohorts working overseas is over $400 million, but may be close to double this amount.

Visits: 636



Top ten education research publications 2013

Australian Policy Online

18 December 2013 | The ten most popular research publications from Policy Online's Education section published in 2013, based on the number of page visits.

Visits: 625



Beyond the classroom: a new digital education for young Australians in the 21st century

Digital Education Advisory Group

31 May 2013 | This report provides recommendations and identifies key areas to enhance educational outcomes in Australian schools through the use of digital technology.

Visits: 608



The impact of schools on young people's transition to university

Sinan GemiciPatrick LimTom Karmel | National Centre for Vocational Education Research

4 April 2013 | Although young people’s individual characteristics are the main drivers of success, this report finds that school attributes are also responsible for almost 20% of the variation in tertiary entrance rank (TER) scores.

Visits: 531



Inclusion in education: towards equality for students with disability

Kathy Cologon | Children with Disability Australia

24 October 2013 | For students with disability, there are entrenched barriers to receiving an inclusive education in Australia.

Visits: 528



Pedagogy! iPadology! Netbookology! Learning with mobile devices

Therese KeaneCatherine LangChris Pilgrim | Australian Educational Computing

15 January 2013 | In order to determine how mobile devices were being used in the classroom and whether they enhanced teaching and learning, this paper explores two different schools’ approaches to implementing an iPad program and a Netbook program to a year level of students.

Visits: 512



Partnering for school improvement: case studies of school-community partnerships in Australia

Sharon Clerke | Australian Council for Educational Research

30 September 2013 | This research shows that, when schools and their communities share local decision making and responsibility for the education of students, outcomes improve.

Visits: 504



Australian Government funding for schools explained - March 2013

Marilyn Harrington | Parliamentary Library

8 March 2013 | This updated research publication explains how the Australian Government provides funding to schools by answering some commonly asked questions.

Visits: 504



Guide to open access journals

Online Schools

30 September 2013 | This guide looks at some of the most reputable open-access journal websites, as well as paid subscription databases that are still widely used by traditional college students. The guide includes a curated list of free, peer reviewed journals and journal databases from a number of disciplines.

Visits: 484



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