Top ten environment research publications 2013

18 Dec 2013

The ten most popular research publications from Policy Online's Environment section published in 2013, based on the number of page visits on Google analytics

Most of the reports cover climate change, from a range of angles and with a particular focus on what changes Australia, and the world, will need to make over coming decades. Unexpectedly, the most popular report was not about climate change but about the need for sustainable production of palm oil.


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Palm oil in Australia: facts, issues and challenges

Net Balance Foundation

8 May 2013 | This report, commissioned jointly by WWF-Australia and the Food and Grocery Council of Australia (AFGC), provides a broad, independent overview of the facts, issues and challenges surrounding palm oil, and is intended to provide a springboard for efforts to increase the supply of sustainable palm oil into the Australian market.

Visits: 556


Urban food security, urban resilience and climate change

Paul BurtonKristen LyonsCarol Richards | National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility

22 April 2013 | This paper provides information on the extent of urban agricultural practices, a critical review of good practice and an analysis of opportunities and barriers to expansion in the face of climate change.

Visits: 544


The critical decade: Australia’s future – solar energy

Tim FlanneryVeena Sahajwalla | The Climate Commission

2 September 2013 | This report identifies the enormous, but largely underutilised, potential for solar generation in the world’s sunniest continent.

Visits: 523


Cancer of the bush or salvation for our cities? Fly-in, fly-out and drive-in, drive-out workforce practices in Regional Australia

House Standing Committee on Regional Australia

13 February 2013 | This report examines arguments concerning the benefits that the high wages and time at home bring to FIFO/DIDO workers and their families versus the damage that the practice is doing to the prosperity of some of those in regional communities.

Visits: 464


Is fracking good for your health? An analysis of the impacts of unconventional gas on health and climate

Jeremy MossAlicia CoramGrant Blashki | The Australia Institute

27 November 2013 | This report assesses existing research to address the question of whether unconventional gas should be endorsed as a major future energy source, based on its impacts on human health and the climate.

Visits: 439


Barriers to effective climate change adaptation (final)

Productivity Commission

14 March 2013 | This is the final report of an inquiry that examined the costs and benefits of options to address climate change adaptation barriers and to assess the role of markets (including insurance markets) and non-market mechanisms in facilitating adaptation, as well as the appropriateness of government intervention.

Visits: 389


Peak water: what happens when the wells go dry?

Lester R. Brown | Future Directions International

8 August 2013 | Could the world be facing peak water? Or has it already peaked?

Visits: 387


Climate of the nation 2013: Australian attitudes on climate change

Kristina Stefanova | Climate Institute of Australia

16 July 2013 | This report argues that a growing majority of Australians think that their country should be a leader in finding climate solutions.

Visits: 375


Australia’s country towns 2050: what will a climate adapted settlement pattern look like?

Andrew BeerSelina TuallyMichael Kroehn | National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility

14 June 2013 | This report examines inland settlements and the impact of extreme events, a warming and drying southern climate and increased costs of structural economic change and degradation of infrastructure.

Visits: 364


The critical decade 2013: climate change science, risks and responses

Climate Council

17 June 2013 | This report argues that global society must virtually decarbonise in the next 30-35 years, and therefore most of the fossil fuel reserves must stay in the ground.

Visits: 358



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