Top ten justice research publications 2013

18 Dec 2013

The ten most popular research publications from Policy Online's Justice section published in 2013, based on the number of page visits recorded by Google Analytics.

Most popular were reports on cyber-safety, particularly those that gave practical advice. Other reports covered the consequences of alcohol misuse, corruption, and child abuse.

1The societal costs of alcohol misuse in Australia

Matthew ManningChristine SmithPaul Mazerolle | Australian Institute of Criminology

Visits: 814


2Protecting your identity: what everyone needs to know

Attorney-General's Department

Visits: 675


3Young people and sexting in Australia: ethics, representation and the law

Kath AlburyKate CrawfordPaul Byron | ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation

Visits: 629


4Cyber crime and security survey report 2012

Centre for Internet Safety

Visits: 608


5Perceptions of corruption in Victoria

Adam Graycar | Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission

Visits: 584


6Guide to information security: ‘reasonable steps’ to protect personal information

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner

Visits: 489


7People with mental health disorders and cognitive impairment in the criminal justice system: cost-benefit analysis of early support and diversion

Ruth McCausland | Australian Human Rights Commission

Visits: 424


8The economic impact of cybercrime and cyber espionage

James Andrew LewisStewart Baker | Center for Strategic and International Studies

Visits: 421


9Can I ask...? An alcohol and drug clinician’s guide to addressing family and domestic violence

Michael White | National Centre for Education and Training

Visits: 402


10The prevalence of child abuse and neglect - March 2013 update

Australian Institute of Family Studies

Visits: 385



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