Top ten politics research publications 2013

18 Dec 2013

The ten most popular research publications from Policy Online's Politics section published in 2013, based on the number of page visits on google analytics.

Popular reports tended to focus on the functioning of the public service, government expenditure, and public opinion.


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Social innovation, public good: new approaches to public sector productivity

David Hetherington | Per Capita

28 October 2013 | This report argues that rather than outsourcing ever more public services, governments should introduce social impact bond models within the public sector.

Visits: 742


Community wellbeing indicators: measures for local government

Alan MortonLorell Edwards | Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government

13 May 2013 | This research was conducted in partnership with the Local Government Association of Queensland to support a Community Wellbeing Indicators Survey template, and discusses how local government might take a consistent approach to measuring the wellbeing of their communities.

Visits: 725


Expertise and public policy: a conceptual guide

Matthew ThomasLuke Buckmaster | Parliamentary Library

21 October 2013 | This paper seeks to provide a guide to better understand: what is expertise, how to determine who are the relevant experts where it comes to the technical aspects of public policy debates, and how to go about choosing between competing expert claims.

Visits: 632


Trends in Australian political opinion: results from the Australian election study, 1987-2010

Ian McAllisterJuliet Pietsch | ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences

6 May 2013 | This report presents trends in Australian public opinion on politics over an extended period of time.

Visits: 606


Perceptions of corruption in Victoria

Adam Graycar | Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission

18 September 2013 | This paper reports on community and public servants’ perceptions of corruption in Victoria.

Visits: 552


False economies part 1: decoding efficiency

Christopher Stone | Centre for Policy Development

3 April 2013 | This discussion paper is the first in a series looking at the false economies that result from short term, narrow minded thinking on Australia’s public service, and is designed to 'translate' the jargon around efficiency in public service.

Visits: 537


2013‐14 Budget: analysis of health and ageing provisions

Lesley Russell | Menzies Centre for Health Policy

26 June 2013 | This paper presents an analysis of the health and ageing provisions in the Australian Government’s 2013-14 Budget in the context of current and past strategies, policies, programs and funding support.

Visits: 512


Australian Government funding for schools explained - March 2013

Marilyn Harrington | Parliamentary Library

8 March 2013 | This updated research publication explains how the Australian Government provides funding to schools by answering some commonly asked questions.

Visits: 477


False economies part 2: doing less with less

Christopher Stone | Centre for Policy Development

27 May 2013 | This second installment of CPD’s three-part 'false economies' report provides examples of where peremptory cuts would have led to increased costs as well as reduced performance.

Visits: 470


Election 2013 youth survey - issues and policy

The Australia Institute

6 August 2013 | Asking whether young people will swing the 2013 election? The Australia Institute conducted an online survey in May 2013.

Visits: 467



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