Top ten commentary 2013

18 Dec 2013

The ten most popular articles from Policy Online's Commentary section published in 2013, based on the number of page visits.


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Collaboration: Getting beyond the magical thinking

Geoff Aigner | Australian Policy Online

The reality behind the much-heralded trend in cross-sector collaborations is that many are ending in failure. Geoff Aigner explores why.

Visits: 1589


Tackling the crisis in group homes for people with intellectual disability

Christine Bigby | Australian Policy Online

To realize the Disability Care promise of more inclusive lives for people with disabilities, close attention must be paid to the quality of staff support and practice leadership across the entire sector.

Visits: 874


FactCheck: does Murdoch own 70% of newspapers in Australia?

Terry Flew | The Conversation

One of the more spirited discussions of the first week of this federal election campaign has concerned whether News Corp has a vested interest in the election outcome.

Visits: 447


Primary care and general practice in Australia

Lesley Russell | Australian Policy Online

The overall health of a population is directly linked to the strength of its primary care system.

Visits: 424


Australia - it's where I belong

Raffaele Piccolo | Australian Policy Online

Belonging cannot be forced, but must be fostered and supported. If we want to preserve that sense of belonging, we must reconsider our current citizenship policies.

Visits: 398


Nanoparticles in tattoo ink

Louise Sales | Australian Policy Online

Researchers from the UK’s University of Bradford have raised concerns about the dangers of some tattoo inks and their potential to cause illnesses, including cancers.

Visits: 381


Big society versus new mutualism

Peter Hunt | Australian Policy Online

Peter Hunt reflects on the outcomes of the UK's Big Society agenda in light of the trend to empower state employees rather than service end-users.

Visits: 349


Indigenous provisions in the 2013-14 budget

Lesley Russell | Australian Policy Online

While there is a significant effort underway to close the gap in Indigenous disadvantage and life expectancy, in most areas this effort has yet to show real returns on the investments.

Visits: 343


How to break the people smugglers' real business model

Anne McNevin | Inside Story

Both the government and the opposition are focusing on the wrong problem.

Visits: 338


The creative economy could fuel Australia’s next boom

Stuart Cunningham | The Conversation

As we face a slowing of the current boom in resources terms of trade, there is now much casting around for alternative sources of economic growth potential.

Visits: 332



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