Child guardian report: youth justice system 2011–12

18 Dec 2013

Introduction: This report gives priority to the needs and interests of young people who are in detained in detention centres in Queensland, as prescribed under the Commission’s current functions including monitoring and reviewing laws, policies and practices that relate to the delivery of services to children and young people.

The Commission’s monitoring of, and advocacy in, the youth justice system during the reporting period (2011-12) has been multifaceted and focused on both individual cases and systemic issues identified in the youth justice system. These Commission initiatives have included:

  • Investigating issues raised in relation to service delivery to young people in the youth justice system
  • Visiting children and young people in Queensland youth detention centres and adult correctional centres
  • Analysing data and information contained in reports provided by the Commission’s Community visitors (CVs) through their engagement with young people in youth detention centres and adult correctional centres
  • Reviewing reports of Harm to young people while in detention as prescribed under section 37 of the Youth Justice Regulation 2003 and reports made by the Youth Detention Inspectorate of youth detention centres under section 263(4) of the Youth Justice Act 1992
  • Participation in regular forums that advocate for the needs of young people in the youth justice system including, for example, the State Watch-house Liaison Committee

This second youth justice report in the Child Guardian Report series is designed to provide an independent and objective view of the evidence available about the Queensland Youth Justice System, to inform decision-makers and stakeholders regarding where better or more evidence is required and where opportunities exist to improve systems, policies and practice to better meet the needs of the young people in the system.

This Report has been collated under the Commission’s Youth Justice Monitoring Framework (see Figure 1), which is based on three Domains.

Domain 1 – Youth Offending and Prevention: explores the extent of supports and services that provide communities, families and young people the opportunity to address risk factors linked to potential offending.

Domain 2 - Diversions: explores the way in which the youth justice service system provides young people an opportunity to address offending behaviours through strategies such as cautions and conferencing aimed at diverting them from further progressing into the youth justice system.

Domain 3 – Supervision, Interventions and Reintegration: explores the use of statutory youth justice interventions to prevent young people from re-offending, including the success of detention and reintegration supports.


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