Jingdong Yuan

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31 Jan 2017


US–China military exchanges constitute an important aspect of bilateral relations between the reigning superpower and a fast-rising one.

This ASPI Strategy takes stock of Sino-US military contacts over the past 15 years and provides some preliminary assessments of the evolution and...

Research report

10 Aug 2016

This edited collection of papers examines the emerging concept of the Indo-Pacific, maritime tensions including in the East and South China Seas, transnational security issues, the role of Japan as a regional security partner, and prospects for partnerships involving other countries. These are drawn from...

Research report

6 Mar 2014

With China's rise offering opportunities as much as it presents challenges, this paper puts forward recommendations for managing the relationship between Australia and China.


Sino-Australian diplomatic, economic and security ties have experienced significant growth over the past four decades. The general...

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