Expanded scope of practice and aged care workforce reform progress report

15 Feb 2014

This report outlines progress across the health and aged care sectors to create a more productive, sustainable and consumer-centred system.


Health Workforce Australia’s (HWA) national workforce innovation and reform program is driving change across the health and aged care sectors to create a more productive, sustainable and consumer-centred system for the future. Evidence is increasing on what service and workforce reforms work, why they are successful and how they might be implemented nationally.

Large-scale change across the health system is possible when it is based on the evidence and expertise of locally driven innovation and reform initiatives. It is enabled where consumers and organisations come together to design and invest in sustainable service models with redesigned workforce roles to deliver them.

This report demonstrates the scale and pace of reform being delivered across Australia by those on the frontline of service delivery. They are striving to deliver a consumer-focused service that is innovative, improved and provided within existing constraints. In many cases, participation in HWA’s health and aged care workforce projects has enabled a local acceleration in reform that has the potential to be replicated nationally.

The evidence developed through the local and national evaluations of the 52 projects outlined in this report will allow for the further uptake of good ideas and disinvestment in what has proven not to work. The formal evaluation reports that are scheduled for completion in September 2014 will assist with the development of policy advice to government, the diffusion of successful workforce models and implementation support for future adoption sites.

HWA’s investment in workforce reform is already creating energy for change, which is being supported and promoted through the health and aged care sectors. Across 99 project sites, roles have been redesigned for over 2,200 members of the health and aged care workforce. Consumer and carer satisfaction rates are high with many stating the services delivered by the redesigned workforce are more responsive and better suited to their needs.

HWA’s workforce innovation and reform program has partnered with a wide range of jurisdictional and organisational partners to provide tangible and timely responses to many of the workforce challenges facing the Australian health and aged care sectors.

It demonstrates how new and redesigned roles can be introduced to more effectively and efficiently meet the growing demands of an ageing population that has more complex health needs, in an environment where expenditure pressures need to be closely managed.

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