Review into the treatment of women in the Australian Defence Force: audit report 2014

26 Mar 2014

Provides an update of the Australian Defence Force Academy's progress in implementing the recommendations from the Review into the Treatment of Woman at ADFA.


The ADF Audit began at the end of August 2013, one year from the tabling of the ADF Review’s Report, in accordance with the Terms of Reference.

While the ADF Review’s Report was broad in scope, the approach of the ADF Audit was necessarily more specific. Accordingly, the team conducting the Audit sought to gather evidence of the implementation of the recommendations contained in the ADF Review – both in terms of the overarching principles it established, as well as its more detailed recommendations.

This Report is structured so as to outline each overarching principle described by the ADF Review and then to provide information concerning the extent to which each Service has implemented the recommendations that flowed from them. Each section provides the Audit’s findings in respect of this implementation and concludes with a reflection on the extent to which Defence has met the wider intent of the relevant overarching principle.

The Audit conducted quantitative and qualitative primary research and sought evidence from a number of sources:

  • Consultations with senior leadership; as well as with strategically significant personnel, such as the ADF’s Organisational Development Unit (ODU), Directors General Personnel, Career Management Agencies and the Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Office (SeMPRO)
  • Documentary evidence relevant to each recommendation
  • Individual interviews and focus groups with personnel from each Service, varied ranks and genders
  • Quantitative data including Defence’s Unacceptable Behaviour Survey and workforce data.
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