The role of wildfires in the ecology of the Australian landscape and its regeneration

11 Apr 2014

Summary: Fires have long been a critical factor governing the soils, plants and animals of the Australian landscape. So, too, were a range of factors that controlled these bio-systems, such as the level of soil moisture and the rate of fuel bio-degradation. These elements greatly influenced the landscape.

Key points

  • Wildfires are becoming more intense, thus threatening the survival of our natural and agricultural bio-systems.
  • Between 30 and 120 million hectares burn each year, releasing some 5 to 30 tonnes of Carbon per hectare.
  • Returning to natural ecological grazing that limits fuel levels may be the only option.
  • To achieve this outcome, dry season water supplies must be secured.
  • Certain land managers already use this process to regenerate their rangelands and, in so doing, draw down and store atmospheric carbon.
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