Is sport enough? 2014 report card on physical activity for children and young people

20 May 2014

Based on a Canadian initiative, this annual report provides information on the physical activity and sedentary behaviours of Australia's children and young people.


Australia is a sporting nation and sport is an integral part of our national identity, which is reflected in the large number (64-85%) of Australian children and young people who participate in some form of organised sport or physical activity. However, despite these participation rates, participation in other forms of physical activity (e.g. active transport, leisure time physical activity) that also contribute to overall physical activity levels are low and declining. Likewise, many Australian children and young people, even those who participate in sport and meet physical activity guidelines, are engaging in levels of recreational electronic screen use and other sedentary behaviours that are likely to adversely affect their health, growth and development.

And so while it is encouraging that a large number of children are obtaining some of their weekly physical activity from organised sport, we need to ask ‘Is sport enough?’. If we look at overall physical activity levels as well as physical fitness and obesity levels, then the answer is clearly no.

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