Susan St John

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Research report

28 Feb 2017

This background paper explains why families in Aotearoa New Zealand need a much more robust system of tax credit supports, as well as higher wages.

New Zealand was once a model for other countries to follow in regard to its egalitarianism. Today, there is high income and wealth inequality...

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Journal article

26 Aug 2014

New Zealanders don’t realise that they are regularly regarded in other countries as world leaders, not just in sport. Inaugural New Zealander of the year in 2010, Ray Avery, points to the ‘never say it can’t be done’ attitude that has produced many astonishing results in science. In social...

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Working paper

28 Feb 2014

New Zealand’s KiwiSaver was introduced on 1 July 2007. New Zealand’s success with the ‘soft compulsion’ of automatic enrolment has been and is continuing to be an influence in the design of opt-out schemes in the UK and Ireland. While there have been numerous changes to KiwiSaver as outlined in...