An analysis of the ABC’s funding relative to international public broadcasters and domestic peers

15 Sep 2002

Executive summary

Scope of the report

Macquarie Bank Limited (Macquarie) has been engaged by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (the ABC) to provide an analysis of the ABC’s funding compared to international public broadcasters and its domestic peers. As part of our analysis we have reviewed the ABC’s level of funding, the funding levels of several international public broadcasters and the revenue and expenditure levels of commercial broadcasters in Australia. We have also considered a number of areas relevant to public broadcasting and broadcasting more generally, such as funding sources and mechanisms, genre and programming mix and market share.

Structure of the report

This Report is divided into five parts, as follows:

This first section, Executive Summary, outlines the scope of the Report and summarises Macquarie’s key conclusions from our analysis of the ABC’s level of funding relative to the funding levels of other international public broadcasters as well as domestic peers.

Section 2, Overview of the ABC, provides a summary of the history, role, objectives and structure of the ABC.

Section 3, History of ABC Funding, analyses current and historical funding levels of the ABC.

Section 4, Analysis of International Public Broadcasters, analyses the funding levels and other key characteristics of other international public broadcasters and compares these to the ABC.

Section 5, Analysis of Domestic Commercial Operators, analyses other key broadcasters in the Australian media landscape and compares various parameters of these broadcasters to the ABC.

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