Building an open platform for disaster resilience decisions

16 Jul 2014

An open source platform providing access to critical information on natural disasters to all Australians is needed to protect life and property.

This report:

  • Identifies the strengths and weaknesses of Australia's approach to natural disaster data and research
  • Examines best-practice examples from around the world and from other Australian sectors
  • Makes three key recommendations to Government to unlock the potential of data and research to lessen the burden of natural disasters in Australia
    • Efficiency and openness: develop a national open platform that centralises key data so all Australians have access to information that’s critical to protecting homes and property. This would include data such as information on flood elevation, the location of assets, the resilience of building materials and long-term weather patterns.
    • Transparency and availability: provide greater transparency by removing restrictive barriers on accessing data and research by standardising research and addressing concerns such as unnecessary restrictive licensing.
    • Effective decision-making: establish a framework for prioritising investment in resilience. Building on a common understanding of the nation’s areas of highest risk would help prioritise the research agenda.
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