Funding opportunities for community groups

2 Jul 2014

Provides information on funding opportunities for community groups, covering: government gateways to community grants, non-government gateways to community grants, grants in selected subject areas, selected private sector/non-government funding sources, and selected local government funding sources.


Members of Parliament regularly receive requests directly or through their electorate offices about funding opportunities for community groups. This Issues Backgrounder is designed to assist in responding to such requests. It is organised under the following headings:

  • Government gateways to community grants
  • Non-government gateways to community grants
  • Grants in selected subject areas
  • Selected private sector/non-government funding sources
  • Selected local government funding sources
  • List of useful links

It should be emphasised that this does not purport to be a comprehensive survey of the grants sector in Australia, an area which is as large as it is complex. The specific grants noted in the "Grants in selected subject areas" are indicative only, as are those in the "Selected private sector/non-government funding sources" and the "Selected local government funding sources" sections. It should also be emphasised that funding opportunities are subject to constant change and must therefore be checked for their current availability.

The key to successful funding is a proper assessment of the project at hand and matching this with the appropriate public and/or private sector scheme. For example, you may be seeking a grant for what is primarily a sporting activity, but grants may also be available under other categories, such as youth, older people, indigenous people, health and wellbeing.

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