The immediate future of the childcare sector in Australia

16 Jul 2014

This inquiry into Australia's childcare sector recommends that the government rescind its proposed budget changes.

Terms of Reference

On 12 December 2013, the Senate referred the following matter to the Senate Education and Employment References Committee for inquiry and report by 17 June 2014:

(a) cost and availability for parents over the short term, including the effectiveness of the current government rebates;

(b) administrative burden, including the impact of the introduction of the National Quality Framework;

(c) the current regulatory environment and the impact on children, educators and service operators;

(d) how the childcare sector can be strengthened in the short term to boost Australia’s productivity and workplace participation for parents; and

(e) any related matters.

The order of the Senate was amended on 17 June 2014 to extend the reporting date until 15 July 2014.


This is the final report resulting from the inquiry.

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