State sector public reform: a progress report from the State Services Commission

14 Aug 2014

Overview: This short report summarizes a lecture by Mr Iain Rennie, State Services Commissioner, State Services Commission presented at the IGPS on 20 June 2014.

The role of the State Services Commissioner is to provide leadership and over-sight of the State services including:

a) Promoting the spirit of service to the community; 
b) Promoting the spirit of collaboration among agencies; 
c) Identifying and developing high-calibre leaders; 
d) Working with State services leaders to ensure that the State services maintains high standards of integrity and conduct and are led well and are trusted;
e) Overseeing workforce and personnel matters in the State Sector; 
f) Advising on the design and capability of the State Services; 
g) Evaluating the performance of Public Service Leaders;
h) Supporting the efficient, effective and economical achievement of good outcomes by the State services; and
i) Promoting a culture of stewardship in the State services. 

Mr Rennie spoke about the direction of change in the State sector, and the changes in the wider context which are driving change. He discussed the progress made to date and the challenges now being faced as we move "from good to great". 

New Zealand has a strong tradition of ground breaking reform in public management and these reforms continue the push to be at the leading edge of innovation and excellence in State services.         

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