Creating a better future for Melbourne: seminar series

8 Aug 2014

The Creating A Better Future For Melbourne seminar series focuses on five topics for robust discussion and thought provoking conversations. Details of the venue, date and time of each seminar are below.

Facilitator:  Michael Short of ‘The Zone’

Venue:  Deakin Edge, Federation Square


A Better Future for Melbourne: What’s Your Vision?                        17 March, 2014

Making Ends Meet: Jobs and Housing                                              28 April, 2014

Climate and Design: A Cool Future for Hot Melbourne                     26 May, 2014

Transport: The Best Way to Get There                                              30 June, 2014

Implementation: Getting Our Act Together                                         21 July, 2014


Find out more about each seminar and provide us with feedback on what you think we need to start doing differently, what ideas we could take from other cities around the world and apply to Melbourne, and what questions you believe need to be addressed in our seminar series.

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