2014 global economic crime survey: the Australian story

5 Jun 2014

Economic crime, including cybercrime, persists globally and is on the rise in many economies, according to this report.


There are a number of often overlooked economic crimes that occurring with increasing volume, frequency and sophistication.

The Global Economic Crime Survey is one of the largest and most comprehensive surveys of its kind. The latest results show that economic crime persists globally and is on the rise in many economies.

We are now beginning to see the emergence of the 'Big 5' economic crimes; with procurement fraud and cybercrime firmly in the top three. Asset misappropriation, accounting fraud and bribery complete the Big 5.

Proactive organisations are those that look towards global trends, regulator activity and technology to anticipate threats to their organisation and manage the risk accordingly. This report provides insight into those trends and will allow Australian organisations to prosper in an increasingly risk aware business environment.

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