National Standards of Practice for Case Management (3rd Revised Edition)
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Frieda Marfleet, Raechel Barber & Scott Trueman

The National Standards of Practice for Case management (3rd revised edition, 2013) specify the minimum national level of practice (benchmark of excellence) to be attained by a practitioner throughout the case management process and provides the foundation for a best practice framework and uniform approach for Certified Case Managers™, practitioners, professionals and agencies throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Comprehensive and detailed in its content, this exceptional resource provides the practitioner, and/or agency, with a robust understanding of each of the 4 Standards, associated Guiding Principles, phases of the case management process and the tools to review, measure and assess individual professional performance and compliance against the National Standards.
Purposely colour coded to highlight each of the 4 Standards, the practitioner can navigate with confidence between chapters and pages, including text and diagrams, to source the information and knowledge essential for contemporary and effective case management.

An invaluable tool for all practitioners and agencies this revised publication includes a detailed diagrammatic representation of each phase of the case management continuum, an extensive Self Assessment Framework (SAF) and glossary of over 65 relevant key terms and definitions specific to the specialist practice of case management.

Never before has a practitioner or agency had access to the requisites of case management in its entirety, nor with such detail, within one publication. Whether you are a Certified Case Manager™, experienced practitioner, new to the profession, studying case management or responsible for the supervision and management of case managers and/or portfolios, this invaluable resource will afford you with the foundational platform in meeting the recognised minimum practice standard of case management within individual practice, case management teams or programs or agency guidelines and policy.


  • Introduction
  • Scope and Purpose of the Standards
  •  Interpretation of the Standards
  • Application of the Standards
  • Case Management Definition
  • Case Management Concepts
  • Guiding Principles of Case Management
  • Standards
  • Standard One - Case Identification (screening) and Assessment
  • Standard Two - Planning
  • Standard Three - Monitoring
  • Standard Four - Evaluation and Outcomes
  • Diagrams
  • Diagram One - Case Management Process
  • Standard One - Case Identification (screening) Phase
  • Standard One- Assessing Phase
  • Standard One - Stratifying Risk (risk assessment) Phase
  • Standard Two - Planning Phase
  • Standard Two - Implementing (care coordination) Phase
  • Standard Three - Monitoring Phase
  • Standard Three - Transitioning (transitional care) Phase
  • Standard Three - Disengagement and Feedback Phase
  • Standard Four - Evaluating Phase
  • Self Assessment Framework (SAF)
  • Purpose of the Self Assessment Framework (SAF)
  • Structure of the Self Assessment Framework (SAF)
  • Application of the Self Assessment Framework (SAF)
  • SAF Standard One - Case Identification (screening) and Assessment
  • SAF Standard Two - Planning
  • SAF Standard Three - Monitoring
  • SAF Standard Four - Evaluation and Outcomes
  • Glossary

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ISBN 978-0-646-50468-1