Creative Work Beyond the Creative Industries
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Greg Hearn, Ruth Bridgestock, Ben Goldsmith and Jess Rodgers

Creative workers are employed in sectors outside the creative industries often in greater numbers than within the creative field. This is the first book to explore the phenomena of the embedded creative and creative services through a range of sectors, disciplines, and perspectives.

Despite the emergence of the creative worker, there is very little known about the work life of these ‘creatives’, and why companies seek to employ them. This book asks: how does creative work actually “embed” into a service or product supply chain? What are creative services? Which industries are they working in? This collection explores these questions in relation to innovation, employment and education, using various methods and theoretical approaches, in order to examine the value of the embedded creative and to discover the implications of education and training for creative workers.

This book will be of interest to practitioners, policy makers and industry leaders in the creative industries, in particular digital media, application development, design, journalism, media and communication. It will also appeal to academics and scholars of innovation, cultural studies, business management and labour studies.



1. Creative Work Beyond the Creative Industries: An introduction
Greg Hearn, Ruth Bridgstock, Ben Goldsmith and Jess Rodgers

2. Creative Labour and its Discontents : A reappraisal
Stuart Cunningham

3. Compensating Differentials in Creative Industries and Occupations: Some Evidence from HILDA
Jason Potts and Tarecq Shehadeh

4. Digital Creative Services in Education, Mining and Manufacturing: Pursuing Innovation through Interoperability
Dan Swan and Greg Hearn

5. London’s Creative Workforce
Alan Freeman

6. Embedded Creatives in Australian Healthcare – An Update
Janet Pagan and Jess Rodgers

7. Embedded Creatives in the Australian Manufacturing Industry
Jess Rodgers

8. Embedded Digital Creatives
Ben Goldsmith

9. Embedded Digital Creative Workers and Creative Services in Banking
Ben Goldsmith

10. Looking Inside the Portfolio to Understand the Work of Creative Workers: A Study of Creatives in Perth
Dawn Bennett, Jane Coffey, Scott Fitzgerald, Peter Petocz and Al Rainnie

11. Learning Processes in Creative Services Teams: Towards a Dynamic Systems Theory
Greg Hearn, José H.P. Rodrigues and Ruth Bridgstock

12. Translating Creative Skills: An Example of Youthworx Media for Marginalized Youth
Aneta Podkalicka

13. Developing Agency in the Creative Career: A Design-Based Framework for Work Integrated Learning
Oksana Zelenko and Ruth Bridgstock

14. Graduate Careers in Journalism, Media and Communications Within and Outside the Sector: Early Career Outcomes, Trajectories and Capabilities
Ruth Bridgstock and Stuart Cunningham