Joanne Wallis

Research report

24 Apr 2017

Australia faces an increasingly crowded and complex geopolitical environment in the South Pacific. While the most important external powers in the region have traditionally been Australia, New Zealand, the US and France, a number of new powers are increasingly active, most notably China, Russia, Indonesia,...

Journal article

28 Apr 2016

The author discusses anxieties about the stability and fragility of South Pacific states, yet by specifying that all three of the key Strategic Defence Objectives mentioned in The 2016 Defence White Paper are “equally-weighted”, it elevates other regions to the same level of strategic import....

Journal article

16 Nov 2015


As a consequence of its membership of a US-centred global alliance network, Australia’s regional obligations in the South Pacific are as pertinent to Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands’s drawdown as they were to its inception. Canberra’s imperatives in the Pacific have...

Journal article

14 Oct 2014

Papua New Guinea no longer necessarily needs to identify itself as falling within an uncontested Australian and New Zealand sphere of influence.


Although Papua New Guinea is a ‘small state’ it increasingly defies traditional predictions about its international relations and attempts...

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