Australian Government cloud computing policy version 3.0

8 Oct 2014

This document supersedes Australian Government Cloud Computing Policy, Version 2.1 July 2013.


The Australian Government will reduce the cost of government ICT by eliminating duplication and fragmentation and will lead by example in using cloud services to reduce costs, lift productivity and develop better services.


When we talk about Information and Communications Technology (ICT), we increasingly talk about how ICT is supporting innovation, driving change and transforming the way we work. This is as true for the public sector as it is for the private sector. The Australian Government recognises that the community expects government services to be responsive to their needs and available where and when they want them. Key to realising this vision is the effective use of ICT by government, including the adoption of cloud services.
To do this, government agencies need to think and act smarter when it comes to investing in ICT. The availability of cloud services offers an opportunity for government to deliver services more efficiently, as well as providing services that are more responsive to business and community needs. Under the Government’s Cloud Policy agencies now must adopt cloud where it is fit for purpose, provides adequate protection of data and delivers value for money. The Australian Government procures approximately $6 billion of ICT services annually and combined with state and territory governments, public sector expenditure on ICT accounts for approximately 30 per cent of the domestic market. We are committed to leading by example, demonstrating the benefits of investing in and using cloud services. The Departments of Finance and Communications will continue to work together, updating this policy as elements of the ICT Investment Framework are developed.

Mathias Cormann - Minister for Finance
Malcolm Turnbull - Minister for Communications


For additional context, also attached to this resource are a series of guides associated with cloud computing:

  • Resource Management Guide
  • A Guide to Implementing Cloud Services
  • Privacy and Cloud Computing for Australian Government Agencies
  • Negotiating the Cloud – Legal Issues in Cloud Computing Agreements
  • Financial Considerations for Government use of Cloud Computing
  • Community Cloud Governance – Better Practice Guide
  • Cloud Computing Security Considerations
  • Records Management in the Cloud



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