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Description is a project to visualise preference data for Australian elections.

“Above the line” voting means a political party is choosing your preferences for you, and you may not know, or like, the choices they have made. aims to give you better information on where your vote might go.

Use the menu provided to choose an electorate.

The creators of this site are not members of any political party and do not seek to influence your vote. We just encourage you to think carefully about it.

Plan your vote

Victoria election 29 November 2014

Use Cluey Voter to plan your preferences and create your own personalised how-to-vote card ahead of time.

Note that unlike the Australian Senate, Victoria has option preferential (116) voting for the Legislative Council, the upper house. So if you put at least five numbers below the line, your vote is valid.

Other tools

Below the Line and also offered similar tools for the Australian Federal election in 2013 and Western Australia Senate election in April 2014.

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