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29 Oct 2018

This study reports on the contemporary health and wellbeing status of New Zealand high school students at specific timeframes over an 11‐year period. The health status of Māori secondary school students is compared to European students (the dominant ethnic group) to explore health disparities over...

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20 May 2018

This paper briefly outlines key findings and explores potential causal pathways for apparent positive secular trends in adolescent risk taking.

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12 Mar 2018

This article argues that in addition to strategies directly aimed at violence, policies are needed to address key predictors of violence exposure, such as social disparities, financial stress and alcohol use.


26 Nov 2014

This report explores the health issues and contexts of New Zealand secondary school students who use substances at very high levels. Young people who use substances more than their peers are likely to have high rates of absenteeism from school and may be early school...

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