International study on the impact of copyright law on digital preservation

18 Sep 2008

This study focuses on the copyright and related laws of Australia, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States of America and the impact of those laws on digital preservation of copyrighted works. It also addresses proposals for legislative reform and efforts to develop non-legislative solutions to the challenges that copyright law presents for digital preservation.

The study was written by: June M. Besek – Executive Director, Kernochan Center for Law, Media and the Arts, Columbia Law School; William LeFurgy – Project Manager, Digital Initiatives, Office of Strategic Initiatives, Library of Congress; Adrienne Muir – Department of Information Science, Loughborough University; Benedict Atkinson – Research Officer, OAK Law Project; Emma Carroll – Research Assistant, OAK Law Project; Jessica Coates – Project Manager, Creative Commons Clinic, ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation, QUT; Brian Fitzgerald – Professor of Intellectual Property and Innovation, QUT Law Faculty & Project Leader, OAK Law Project; Wilma Mossink – Juridisch Adviseur, SURFfoundation

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