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17 March 2017

Injustices sometimes need to be resisted unlawfully, as critics of Sally McManus should know, writes Peter Mares.

14 December 2016

Near the South Australia–Victoria border, a small community captures the highs and lows of the migration experience.

14 October 2016

Attitudes towards a more generous refugee resettlement program are influenced by beliefs about how many migrants arrive each year. But making the calculation isn’t straightforward.

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14 August 2016

There are around one million 'unsettled settlers' - including thousands of New Zealanders - on various kinds of temporary visas in Australia, and many are being unfairly treated.

5 July 2016

Peter Mares reports on a truncated parliamentary inquiry that revealed the problem of having two very different schemes dealing with rural labour shortages.

18 May 2016

Barristers and solicitors have taken the unprecedented step of rallying to demand an increase in legal aid funding. Will it come to wigs on the picket lines?

6 May 2016

The Turnbull government says it won’t allow refugees to be resettled in New Zealand because it’s the “back door” to Australia. This argument rests on a series of misconceptions.

22 February 2016

New Zealanders living in Australia have been given a new way of becoming citizens. But only some of them stand to benefit.

4 January 2016

Temporary migration is fuelling a new boom in migration from Italy, but trying to settle permanently can be a disillusioning process.

24 December 2015

Australia has passed up the option of settling offshore refugees in New Zealand