2005 Indigenous engagement report

1 Feb 2006

Rod McDonald presents a model for the effective delivery of e-learning programs to Indigenous learners by registered training organisations, individuals, communities, and other organisations. The report identifies key strategies that have led to positive training outcomes with Indigenous learners and involved a comprehensive analysis of e-learning activity within Indigenous communities across Australia. The types of e-learning activity examined by the report included the application of electronic media in the delivery of training and education such as the use of web, CD-ROM or computer-based learning resources and online assessment activities.

Key factors leading to positive training outcomes identified in the report included ensuring community involvement and ownership, providing flexibility in program design, content and delivery, and incorporating Indigenous identities, cultures, knowledge and values into training and education programs.

The report also reveals that there is considerable evidence of e-learning and innovation occurring within Indigenous communities at a national level, however much of this is happening in isolated pockets. Report outcomes will be used by the Indigenous Engagement Project to develop strategies for 2006 and beyond.

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