Research report

15 Aug 2017

This literature review examined the relevant Australian and international research and 'grey' literature (including previous commissions of inquiry into institutional abuse), focusing on the methodologies for using administrative data to estimate the extent of child sexual abuse in institutional contexts.

Research report

15 Sep 2016

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse (the Royal Commission) is inquiring into how institutions have engaged with and responded to allegations and instances of institutional child sexual abuse. Key to this inquiry is the need to generate an understanding of the...


20 Jul 2016

This report describes the evaluation of the implementation and service system outcomes of Practice First across 24 CSCs in NSW. The evaluation used four methodologies, with findings from each triangulated to strengthen conclusions.


15 May 2016

Headspace aims to improve the mental health and social and emotional wellbeing of young people in Australia through the provision of evidence-based, integrated, youth-centred and holistic services. In January 2013, the Australian Government Department of Health (DoH) commissioned a consortium of researchers from the Social...

Literature review

30 Aug 2015

This Evidence Check review examined adolescents and young adults’ (AYAs) presentations to Emergency Departments. AYAs present primarily for musculoskeletal disorders, mental and behavioural disorders, and genitourinary, respiratory and infectious diseases and these differ proportionally among males and females. A number of ED presentations are avoidable....

Case study

2 Jun 2015

Personal information provided to government and non-government service providers is highly sensitive. Appropriate collection, management and storage of personal information are critical elements to citizen trust in the public sector. However, misconceptions about the frameworks governing sharing personal information can impact on the coordination of...

Research report

18 Dec 2014

This is the final report of the independent evaluation of the “New Income Management” program which was introduced in the Northern Territory in late 2010 and involved restrictions on how people can spend their income support payments. There is a large (380 page) detailed full...

Research report

4 Oct 2014

The Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands is an Aboriginal Local Government Area located in north-west South Australia. In 2012, the local Women's Council requested the introduction of income management into the APY Lands. The report found there are indications that income management may have made...

Research report

4 Sep 2014

This report presents a medium- to long-term evaluation of the Communities for Children (CfC) initiative.

Executive summary

This report presents the results of Phase 2 of the Stronger Families in Australia (SFIA) study, an evaluation of the Communities for Children (CfC) initiative....

Research report

11 Aug 2014

The Social Policy Research Centre was commissioned by the Australia Government, as part of its commitment to Enhance Online Safety for Children , to investigate youth exposure to cyberbullying and how it is being managed. The report was developed in collaboration with National Children’s and...

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