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25 Sep 2016

Political parties and elections cost money to run.

Who should pay and how should we manage the risks that come along with political donations?

Rear Vision compares the Australian, Canadian and New Zealand systems.



11 Aug 2014

The free speech debate has been marked by selectivity and score-settling

Acres of ink and gigaloads of bytes have been spilled in recent times over “free speech.” Sadly, the debate has mostly been self-serving. Much of it has been driven by right-wing voices...

26 Jun 2012

Despite first impressions, the High Court’s decision in the chaplaincy case was far from a clear victory for federalism, writes Graeme Orr In Inside Story

• VISITORS to the valleys and downs west of Brisbane often note the region’s religiosity, reflected in billboards, makeshift...

8 Mar 2012

Despite the reaction of the press, the Finkelstein inquiry’s key recommendation deserves support, writes Graeme Orr in Inside Story

“LABOR Plan to Control the Media.” Or so ran the lead headline in Saturday’s Australian Financial Review . The trigger was the release...

5 Feb 2012

ONCE a year, on the first day of February, the Australian Electoral Commission publishes, verbatim, the political finance disclosures of the political parties and of some donors and third party or lobby groups. The timeliness of this annual data dump – the figures...

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