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23 May 2018

Much-anticipated changes to Victoria’s political finance laws favour the big parties and fall short of full transparency.


25 Sep 2016

Political parties and elections cost money to run.

Who should pay and how should we manage the risks that come along with political donations?

Rear Vision compares the Australian, Canadian and New Zealand systems.


5 Jun 2015

Despite the publicity given to their plight, international students are still highly disadvantaged in the workforce.

International student workers are ubiquitous in the capital cities of Australia. Take a taxi in Sydney, there is a good chance the driver is an international student; walk...


1 Apr 2011

Temporary migrant labour is increasing in significance in many industrialised countries, including Australia. More than a decade ago, a commentator observed that there was a ‘quiet revolution’ occurring in relation to the admission of temporary migrant workers to Australia. Eight years later, a leading demographer...


6 Dec 2010

This report provides a comprehensive assessment of the funding of New South Wales local government election campaigns and makes a series of recommendations for change.

The report examines the distinctive structure of NSW local government and its electoral system, the regulation and patterns of...

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