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28 Feb 2018

FOI documents show Barnaby Joyce and Steve Ciobo’s letter of support for Adani’s coal project sent to the Chinese government was in response to Adani’s request “to help secure Chinese financing”.

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13 Feb 2018

Adani “may have been negligent” when it failed to disclose its CEO’s links to four earlier environmental offences, according to documents released under Freedom of Information.

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27 Nov 2017

This paper argues that a National Integrity Commission is urgently needed to investigate and expose corruption and misconduct in federal government and the public sector.


26 Oct 2017

The Turnbull Government appears to be actively soliciting financing from foreign governments and investors towards Adani’s coal mine and rail line, projects it plans to subsidise.


9 Oct 2017

Most Australians support a Clean Energy Target and they want it to build renewables, including most voters for the Coalition and One Nation, according to this polling.

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17 Apr 2018

Australia is a low-taxing country. While tax debate in Australia tends to focus on tax rates, with endless comparisons of different countries’ rates of different taxes, these debates ignore the fact that Australia raises far less tax revenue than most developed countries.

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9 Apr 2018

The Australia Institute’s National Integrity Committee of corruption fighters and retired judges has released the next stage in the design of a National Integrity Commission.


3 Apr 2018

This reports suggest that Australia’s aid spending, already at record lows, could be cut further, making our aid contribution proportionately lower than that of Greece.

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22 Mar 2018

Over the ten years to 2026-27, when the total benefit to companies is estimated at $65 billion, The Australia Institute estimates the big four banks will receive a ‘gift’ of $9.5 billion, with the Commonwealth Bank alone to receive $2.8 billion.


Commonwealth water purchasing in the Condamine Balonne
20 Mar 2018

The Australian government bought 29 gigalitres of water for $80m in the Condamine-Balonne valley. The vendors originally insisted on $2,200 per megalitre. But after negotiation, the government paid a higher price - $2,745 per megalitre. Worse, the water has no legal status outside the farm...

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24 Jun 2016

Reviews OECD data on the relationship between living standards and cuts in company tax rates compared with the provision of better education services.

The graphs show the relationship between living standards and other variables that are at the centre of the disputes about the...


31 Mar 2016

This resource shows the statistics of a poll completed in the South Australian, Indi and New England seats on the current Australian asylum seeker policy.

New state-wide ReachTEL polling in South Australia and in the seats of New England and Indi on refugee policy...

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