As our cities get more crowded, our transport infrastructure ages, and climate change brings new challenges, transport looms large as a knotty policy issue. What is happening at the cutting edge of public transport, and clean car technology? What’s the state of Australia’s public transport systems and road transport network – and why do we always have to choose one over the other?

Presented in partnership with Arts House, this edition of Question time offered one full hour of pure Q&A between you, our audience, moderator Madeleine Morris, and a panel of experts in the evening’s chosen field of inquiry – transport. This event’s experts were Amandine Denis (head of research at ClimateWorks Australia), John Stone (transport planning academic at University of Melbourne), Angharad Wynne-Jones (creative producer at Arts House and director of TippingPoint Australia) and John Daley (CEO of Grattan Institute).


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