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Tthe Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government (ACELG) was hosted by the  UTS Centre for Local Government (CLG) from 2009 to 2015 as part of a consortium that included the Commonwealth Government, University of Canberra, the Australia and New Zealand School of Government, Local Government Managers Australia, the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia, and program partners Charles Darwin University and Edith Cowan University. ACELG enjoyed significant success in advancing best practice in local government and encouraging the adoption of innovative practices and solutions. At the end of 2015 the Centre for Excellence came to a close, although a small number of ACELG projects were implemented throughout 2016 and 2017. ACELG project outcomes, relevant information and toolkits are hosted by UTS.

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1 Jan 2015

The project examines and identifies the factors contributing to strong and sustainable regional capitals and regions. In particular the aim of the project is to explore the impact that good governance and effective leadership by local government can have on growing regional Australia.


26 Aug 2014

Local governments across Australia make a vital contribution in strengthening the economy and securing the well-being of children and families. Ensuring existing and future communities have access to adequate child care is an ongoing challenge. To address this challenge, the Commonwealth Department of Education engaged...

Working paper

15 Sep 2011

This Working Paper examines the findings, recommendations and outcomes of nine major national and state inquiries into local government over the period 2001-08, and identifies eight elements of an ongoing agenda for reform and improvement.

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Discussion paper

30 Jul 2015

Executive summary

This report by Marrickville Council and the Centre for Local Government, University of Technology Sydney (UTS:CLG) contributes to understanding of the role of creativity as a prerequisite to innovation in local government, particularly during a time of change and reform to...


24 Jun 2015

This new online resource from the Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government (ACELG) at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) provides local government with a practical approach to develop strong, socially cohesive communities.

Developed for the Australian Human Rights Commission under the National...


17 Jun 2015

The research aims to better understand how and why the activities of local governments, and their roles in society are valued by communities.

Executive summary

The research investigates: 1. local government’s role as a ‘place shaper’ and its importance in meeting the...


13 Feb 2015

Local government is a significant employer in Australia—particularly in regional areas—offering opportunities for employment across a wide range of occupations. This report on the profile of the local government workforce has been written to support the National Workforce Strategy developed for the Australian Centre of...


24 Oct 2014

This manual from the Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government (ACELG) provides practical assistance to all rural-remote and Indigenous (RRI) councils in Australia looking to adopt integrated long-term planning processes.

The publication, Integrated Long-Term Planning: An Information and Resource Manual for Rural-Remote and...

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