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11 Sep 2009

This Background Note focuses on citizenship within the context of Commonwealth legislation and does not attempt an analysis of the meaning of Australian citizenship or different theories of citizenship.


7 Sep 2009

Significant material received in the Parliamentary Library in 2008‐09 in the subject areas of Parliamentary Issues, Party Politics and Politics is listed in this publication, including:

books, reports, and pamphlets; key articles from the Library's intake of journals: transcripts of the most significant...

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4 Sep 2009

This paper is designed to provide readers with a summary of superannuation taxation, contribution, preservation and payment rules. It covers, amongst others, the following topics:

• the taxation of superannuation contributions and benefits

• the level of superannuation contributions that employers must make...

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20 Jul 2009

In September 2008, the international media started to report on the declining health of the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Il. Since that date, North Korea has undertaken a series of measures to demonstrate the health of Kim Jong-Il, yet at the same time has...

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16 Jun 2009

Indonesia has held its third democratic elections since the fall of Suharto. Parliamentary elections took place on 9 April. Elections in Indonesia are now fairly routine and the country has become the most robust democracy in Southeast Asia.

In the parliamentary election on 9...

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8 Jan 2018

This quick guide provides links to essential resources relating to Australian schooling, policy and administrative frameworks, and numerous state and territory government websites.


18 Dec 2017

This quick guide provides a list of key Australian sources, and some high level international resources, that assist in understanding the Australian energy market.

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15 Dec 2017

Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States each have some combination of parliamentary/congressional, independent and judicial oversight of their intelligence agencies, in addition to accountability through the executive branch. However, there are differences in the nature and scope of each of...

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14 Dec 2017

Parliament House, which was officially opened in 1988, is the home of the Parliament of Australia. This paper presents a chronology of key events in Australia's Parliament House during 2016.


14 Dec 2017

This quick guide contains the most recent tables showing the composition of Australian parliaments by party and gender.

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