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Policy report

30 Nov 2017

This Policy Brief outlines a decision-making framework that recognises the importance of the relationship between service providers and clients, and the need for evidence-based interventions to be aligned with client needs, priorities and values.


14 Nov 2017

This is a summary report of the Emerging patterns in place-based approaches: International perspectives roundtable, hosted by the Centre for Community Child Health in July 2017.

Research report

25 Sep 2017

This research paper highlights the astonishing rates of child development from conception to the end of age two and the benefits of a holistic approach to children’s health.

Research report

25 Sep 2017

This abridged version summarises the key concepts outlined in the full paper; namely, the evidence for the biological, global, social, ecological, and individual factors that are reshaping our understanding of the first 1000 days of a child's development.

Research report

18 Sep 2017

This report reveals themes, challenges and opportunities for children living in rural and remote Australia.

Research report

31 May 2017

This report presents findings from the Melbourne Children’s Knowledge Translation & Research Impact Framework project.

Working paper

31 May 2016

A major thrust of policy and practice within human services in recent years has been the implementation of evidence-based practices. However, despite the wide-spread use of such evidence-based programs and strategies, we are not always getting the kind of results we would expect when we...

Literature review

20 Apr 2016

This literature review investigates service delivery processes and strategies that are associated with better engagement of and outcomes for families and children who are experiencing adversity (often referred to as “vulnerable”). It was undertaken to inform the development of an Australian sustained nurse home visiting...

Literature review

20 Apr 2016

This review aims to identify evidence-based strategies to address common parenting issues faced by parents of young children. Due to time constraints, it was not feasible to attempt to identify all the issues that might concern parents. Instead, it was agreed that the literature review...

Research report

18 Feb 2016

It is the critical development of social and emotional skills during the early years of life that provides the foundation for life-long mental health. With support from families, communities and professionals, children can build strong skills and achieve their full potential.

Globally, the burden...

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