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7 March 2017

This document presents key themes and actions proposed in written submissions and consultation meetings on the development of the New Zealand Health Research Strategy 2017–2027.

21 February 2017

This plan is intended to improve outcomes for Pacific disabled children, youth and their families.

20 February 2017

The actions outlined in this plan are intended to support the development of the primary health care, community and specialist workforce, so they are well equipped, integrated, competent and...

7 February 2017

This is the final evaluation report of the Bowel Screening Pilot, carried out to determine whether organised bowel screening could be introduced in New Zealand in a way that is effective, safe and...

12 January 2017

The goal of reviewing drug utensils regulations is to understand their effectiveness in achieving health and social outcomes for New Zealanders. This review looks at whether current regulations...

23 November 2016

This survey, of 332 people with disabilities living in residential services in the Auckland, Manawatu and Wellington areas, found that overall satisfaction with services was relatively high but...

15 November 2016

This annual statistical publication presents suicide information received from the New Zealand Mortality Collection, and admissions to hospital for intentional self-harm sourced from the New...

9 November 2016

Presents information about new cases of primary cancer diagnosed and reported to the New Zealand Cancer Registry.

30 August 2016

This Commissioning Framework provides guidance and direction for those who are responsible for commissioning care to improve outcomes for people with mental health and addiction issues.

1 August 2016

This is the sixth Well Child / Tamariki Ora quality indicators publication, and shows areas of excellence and areas for improvement.