Carbon and Energy Markets


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30 Sep 2015

One of the first things that any student of electricity economics learns is that electricity is not storable in meaningful quantities. This characteristic, in the context of peak electrical demands much higher than average demands, has meant that large amounts of capacity in generation, transmission...


7 Jul 2015

The Brotherhood of St Laurence commissioned Bruce Mountain from Carbon and Energy Markets (CME) to investigate the Victorian retail electricity market.

Electricity costs have been rising across Australia’s National Electricity Market since 2007. In most Australian states rising network costs – the poles and...


11 Feb 2015

Presents information and analysis of the network tariffs applicable to household electricity consumers in the southern and eastern states of Australia covered by the National Energy Market.

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16 Aug 2016

The South Australian wholesale electricity market had a volume-weighted average price of $433/MWh for the first two weeks of July. By way of comparison, the volume-weighted average wholesale price in South Australia for the last eight calendar years has been $64/MWh. Extraordinarily high prices (greater...


15 Aug 2016

This report has been prepared for GetUp! We have been asked to analyse and comment on the retail electricity markets serving household electricity consumers in the National Electricity Market (NEM).

The business of providing electricity to households by electricity retailers encompasses the acquisition of...


19 Feb 2013

This report presents analysis of the impact of the carbon price package legislated in Australia’s Clean Energy Act 2011 on the profitability of Victoria’s brown coal generators.

This analysis takes account of actual carbon market and electricity market outcomes since the commencement of the...

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