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Research report
24 March 2017

Sydney is in the grip of a housing affordability crisis. This report proposes an amendment to planning regulations so that multi- dwelling housing is permissible in the R2 Zone provided that a...

20 September 2016

Provides a baseline analysis of lifetime welfare costs as at 30 June 2015; setting a benchmark and highlighting areas of interest.

15 September 2016

This illustrative publication presents the sample annual financial reports of a fictitious investment fund, VALUE ACCOUNTS Unit Trust as well as VALUE ACCOUNTS Pooled Superannuation Trust. It...

25 July 2016

This report reveals that harnessing the power of an older workforce could deliver gains of up to $78 billion for the Australian economy.

24 June 2016

Mine is PwC’s annual review of the top trends in the global mining industry. The analysis is based on the financial performance of the top 40 global mining companies by market...

30 April 2016

The opportunity exists to consider more transformative policy choices and reform directions that will yield the substantial productivity improvements Australia needs to be able to provide a...

31 January 2016

Examines the extent to which the Tribunal has fulfilled its functions and the objects under the RSR Act.

10 November 2015

This report prompts policy makers, industry groups and businesses to think innovatively about a trade and investment relationship based on joint competitive advantage.

2 September 2015

Current eye care services and programs are not effectively addressing a number of eye problems for Indigenous Australians, all of which are treatable or preventable with the right care.