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11 Dec 2014

There is currently no single overarching ‘health system’ in Australia. Rather, health care is a complex web of services, providers and structures. All levels of government—the Commonwealth, the States and Territories, and local government—share responsibility for health. They have different roles (funders, policy developers, regulators...

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17 Sep 2014

Consolidates and builds on efforts to integrate a gender perspective into peace and security efforts, protect women's and girls' human rights, especially in relation to gender-based violence, and promote their participation in confict prevention, management and resolution.


12 Feb 2014

A new engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be one of the hallmarks of this Government. As this report highlights, no one should be under any illusion about the difficulty of swiftly overcoming two centuries of comparative failure. Nevertheless, it would be...

Discussion paper

19 Jul 2010

The proposals in this paper are intended as a starting point for a dialogue on the way forward for future reforms.

In 2008 the Australian Government introduced a Lobbying Code of Conduct (the Code) and established a Register of Lobbyists (Register) to ensure that...


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18 Jun 2015

The White Paper is a vision to unlock the great potential and opportunities of the north. It focuses on building priority roads, developing water resources, removing red tape, building a sustainable workforce and ensuring effective governance arrangements.


5 May 2015


This paper sets out the topics and themes to be examined at the second and final workshop (hosted by the National Security Council) which discussed the challenges to Australian research and development in cyber security.

The three main topics are:...

Research report

28 Mar 2015

The Australian Government will announce Australia’s post-2020 emissions reduction target in mid-2015. This paper presents the factors that will be considered when deciding the target, and invites submissions from the public.


Climate change is a global problem that requires a global...


27 Mar 2015

This report, a joint effort of a group of Indigenous leaders from across Australia brought together by the Jawun Indigenous Partnerships Corporation, proposes an Indigenous Empowerment framework.


There needs to be a fundamental shift away from the traditional social policy framework...

Research report

18 Mar 2015

This report argues that the Government has taken decisions to remove a net $2.3 billion in red tape, as at 31 December 2014, more than double the annual net $1 billion target.


Regulation is a term generally used to describe the...

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