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Research report

4 Apr 2008

These papers, prepared by the steering committee of the Australia 2020 Summit in consultation with ministerial co-chairs and their departments, explore the themes set out in each stream and provide background information on some of the major areas to be discussed at the Summit....

Research report

7 Nov 2007

The policy explains how the Australian government will respond to the climate change challenge by: reducing domestic emissions; developing key low emissions technologies and improving energy efficiency; supporting climate science and adapting to the impacts of unavoidable climate change; and pursuing international responses to climate...

Research report

10 Oct 2007

As part of the consultation process for the design of Australia’s emissions trading scheme, the department has released this discussion paper for public comment. The paper addresses incentives for firms to pursue abatement in the period leading up to the commencement of emissions trading.

Research report

7 Jun 2007

This report outlines the state of play in international cooperation on climate change and the possible development of emissions trading at the global level. Against this background, the report outlines a proposed Australian domestic emissions trading scheme, together with a set of complementary policies and...

Research report

2 May 2007

Prime Minister John Howard's headland speech given at the Queensland Media Club in Brisbane on 23 April 2007. This is the first in a series of speeches John Howard intends to make on a wide-ranging agenda that includes further strengthening the economy, education reform, new...

Research report

23 Jan 2007

This publication updates and builds on the 2004 edition to provide a comprehensive overview of Australia’s domestic and international counter-terrorism strategy, policy and arrangements. It explains the steps the Australian government has taken to protect Australians and Australian interests against the threat of terrorism, and...

Research report

28 Nov 2006

In June 2006 the Prime Minister appointed a taskforce, headed by Dr Ziggy Switkowski to undertake a review into uranium mining, value-added processing and the contribution of nuclear energy in Australia in the longer term. This draft report is intended to contribute to a wide...

Research report

23 Aug 2006

This discussion paper seeks the views of the public and industry sectors on the role of the private sector in the supply of water and wastewater services in Australia.

Research report

5 Oct 2005

The Taskforce on Biofuels was appointed by the Prime Minister in May to examine the latest scientific evidence on the impacts of ethanol and other biofuel use on human health, environmental outcomes and automotive operations. The taskforce also took into account the most recent economic...

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