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9 Nov 2017

This public statement recommends community water fluoridation as a safe, effective and ethical way to help reduce tooth decay, and a range within which the NHMRC supports states and territories fluoridating their drinking water supplies.

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7 Nov 2016

The Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG) are designed to provide an authoritative reference to the Australian community and the water supply industry on what defines safe, good quality water, how it can be achieved and how it can be assured. The guidelines have been developed...


15 Aug 2015

The Clinical Ethics Capacity Building Resource Manual is aimed at institutions such as hospitals and clinics and provides information and tools for use in:

facilitating building clinical ethics capacity, managing operational issues associated with clinical ethics services, and providing ethics consultation, including a review...

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11 Mar 2015

This paper provides a summary of evidence from research on the effectiveness of homeopathy in treating health conditions in humans.


There was no reliable evidence from research in humans that homeopathy was effective for treating the range of health conditions considered:...

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12 Feb 2015

This Information Paper provides Australians with a summary of the evidence on possible health effects of wind farms in humans and explains how NHMRC developed its summary based on the findings of independent reviews of the evidence. It is intended for use by any person...

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9 Apr 2014

This report summarises an assessment of homeopathy undertaken by the National Health and Medical Research Council, including an overview of published systematic reviews, evaluation of information provided by interest groups and the public, and consideration of clinical practice guidelines and government reports on homeopathy published...

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13 Dec 2011

Drafts of the Australian Dietary Guidelines and the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating are now available for public comment.

The Guidelines are based on the best available scientific evidence linking diet and health. They provide information for health professionals and the general population to...

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30 Sep 2011

This guide is a summary of consensus-based clinical practice guideline for the management of volatile substance use in Australia.

This quick reference guide contains information about how to care for people who deliberately become intoxicated by inhaling vapours from solvents, gases or aerosols (often...

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5 Jul 2010

Wind power has been gaining prominence as a viable sustainable alternative to other forms of energy production. Studies have found that there is increasing population demand for ‘green’ energy. In Australia, this has been encouraged by the introduction of the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act in...

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9 Apr 2010

This report has been developed to provide a resource to support collaborative maternity care in Australia. The Guidance defines collaborative maternity care, outlines principles for collaboration, and suggests tools and processes for facilitating collaboration.

It aims to assist maternity care providers to establish and...

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