This review examined Australia's counter-terrorism arrangements and recommends adjustments.


The Commonwealth has strong, well‑coordinated counter‑terrorism (CT) arrangements. Overall, these have been quite successful – although the Martin Place siege and the stabbing of police in Melbourne raise questions.

The threat of terrorism in Australia is rising and it is becoming harder to combat.

Responding to this worsening threat picture, on 4 August 2014 the Government boosted funding to CT activities. National security agencies are significantly bolstering their capabilities to detect and disrupt the threats we face.

Every dollar must be spent wisely. We face a new paradigm that demands ever more careful prioritisation. National security agencies must come together seamlessly around shared priorities.

A restructure or reshuffle of national security agencies is not the answer. But more must be done to strengthen cross-agency coordination and leadership.

Whatever we do, there is no short‑term solution to our evolving terrorist challenge. It is almost inevitable that we will have more terrorist attacks on Australian soil.

Long term, we must put a greater effort into reducing – rather than managing – the pool of terrorists, their supporters and sympathisers.

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