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Research report

3 Sep 2012


The growth in global demand for energy and efforts to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions are encouraging innovation, price and government policy action to change the energy supply mix. Recent and on-going innovations have dramatically expanded the technologically and economically feasible global resources...

Discussion paper

23 May 2012

Macro outcomes

A simple projection of current trends is that in ten years Australia’s population will reach 26.3 million, GDP in nominal dollars will be just short of $2.5 trillion (and in today’s dollars a round $1.8 trillion), and GDP per head in...

Research report

15 May 2012

The world is wrestling with the challenge of ensuring an ongoing supply of energy that does not damage the environment while enabling billions of people to appreciate the benefits of modern life. Global interest in renewable technologies is accelerating the maturity of many of these...

Research report

30 Mar 2012

Australian governments are under constant pressure to intervene to support the economies of particular regions, particularly those that grow more slowly.

The most prominent recent example is the Commonwealth Government’s “Commitment to Regional Australia” in September 2010 1 that promised $10b over eight years,...

Research report

23 Mar 2012


Demography and politics

The population of Australia was estimated at 22.8 million in February 2012, making it the 51st most populous country in the world. With a settlement pattern dominated by six major cities, Australia is one of the most...

Research report

9 Nov 2011


In the following policy perspective CEDA examines the environmental and economic issues associated with nuclear power and sets out a real options approach to enabling its future development.

Australia's energy options

Australia is at a critical moment in determining...

Research report

3 Dec 2008

In recent years, Australians have begun to realise the contribution that telecommunications and competitive media can make to the development of a prosperous and socially viable nation. With that realisation, broadband has moved to the centre of the policy agenda. This report focuses on the...

Research report

19 Mar 2008

The Australian federal system must be judged as one of the most successful in modern history, argues Jonathan Pincus. In this paper he argues that a key to its success is the evolution of Australian federal arrangements in response to changing circumstances. Federalism can continue...


13 Feb 2008

Reducing the flow of greenhouse gas emissions will require substantial changes in human behaviour, both on the demand and production sides. Technological change holds the key. Effective policy toward climate change requires a global approach which is considered to involve placing a price on carbon....

Research report

24 May 2007

The latest edition of the world's leading competitiveness survey shows Australia's economic infrastructure continues to perform poorly relative to most other areas of the economy.

The World Competitiveness Yearbook 2007, released in Australia by CEDA, has underlined Australia's long-term challenge to build the foundations...

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