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17 Oct 2006

Cutting company tax appears to offer the most effective means of spurring economic growth through tax cuts. It should be brought back onto the agenda of public discussion for policy makers and commentators argues Nicholas Gruen. This is the lesson from both recent economic theory...

Research report

12 Sep 2006

Dr Nicholas Gruen and Kenney Lin of Lateral Economics offer four good reasons for guarded optimism about the impact of rising oil prices, and argue that government policy can help manage the risks.

This article is adapted from CEDA's 2006 Economic and Political Overview...

Research report

7 Aug 2006

The Australians facing the strongest disincentives to work are mostly on middle and lower incomes argues Nicholas Gruen in this CEDA report. These people are also the ones most likely to respond to the incentive provided by tax cuts. To encourage more work, tax cutting...

Research report

7 Aug 2006

It’s clear that Australian-based businesses have a vital contribution to make in sustaining Australia's defence forces. Now the Defence Force needs to ensure that businesses supplying it with goods and services have more clarity and certainty about what Defence intends to do and buy. This...

Research report

30 Dec 2003

The long term and permanent migration of people out of Australia has increased substantially in recent years. At present little is known about the scale, composition and significance of that movement. Graeme Hugo, Dianne Rudd and Kevin Harris seek to fill this gap through analysis...

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With a Federal Election here in Australia, and unexpected international events, from the Brexit result to the election of Donald Trump as...

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