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16 Aug 2013

Australia’s two-decade economic expansion has not been simply a function of chance or benefiting from the nation’s rich natural endowments. This historic growth period has occurred despite the Asian Financial Crisis; the Russian and Long Term Capital Management (LTCM) crises; the 2001 bursting of the...

Research report

13 Jun 2013

CEDA's 2013 Women in Leadership research explores business, economic and cultural aspects of Women in Leadership, including:

Barriers to equality of opportunity in the workforce; Unconscious bias and the consequences to women in the workforce; Implications of the current tax and transfer system and...

Research report

22 Apr 2013

Healthcare: Reform or ration considers:

The contribution of the biotechnology sector to the Australian economy, export challenges and opportunities and policies that would support sector innovation and advance Australia's comparative advantage; How education in STEM skills underpins an innovative economy and policies that...

Research report

28 Mar 2013

Regional Victoria accounts for around a quarter of the State's population and economic output. In March 2013 Deputy Premier and Minister for Regional and Rural Development Peter Ryan released the Reinventing the Regions report which documents the findings from a series of events held in...

Research report

3 Sep 2012


The growth in global demand for energy and efforts to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions are encouraging innovation, price and government policy action to change the energy supply mix. Recent and on-going innovations have dramatically expanded the technologically and economically feasible global resources...

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Research report

9 Nov 2015

In this policy perspective, CEDA examines:

Australia’s role in the Asia-Pacific region and the broader world; The benefits of well-structured bilateral trade agreements and how to realise them; How Australia can encourage the free movement of ideas and people; and How technology can shorten...

Research report

1 Sep 2015

Examines the economic impacts of Australia's ageing population and decreasing housing affordability.

Executive Summary

Australia’s three-pillar approach to retirement income is internationally well regarded. However, many Australians currently approaching retirement face potential poverty, especially if they do not own their own homes....

Research report

16 Jun 2015

This focuses on what jobs and skills we need to develop to ensure our economy continues to grow and diversify. Discussion around jobs often focuses on the here and now. However, if Australia is to maintain a robust economy that is internationally competitive, we must...

Research report

21 Apr 2015

An estimated four to six per cent of Australia's population experiences chronic or persistent poverty or deprivation.

Executive Summary

Entrenched disadvantage is a wicked problem for any society. Disadvantage of one form or another will always be with us, but when disadvantage...

Research report

27 Oct 2014

A Federation for the 21st Century examines:

The key challenges for a federation in the 21st century The potential for reforming the way government organises and delivers services The relationship between the Commonwealth and state governments in relation to funding, investment and infrastructure...

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