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23 Feb 2012

The initial findings of Amnesty International’s recent detention centre visits, reiterate the organisation’s long held position that the indefinite and prolonged detention of asylum seekers in Australia is a failed policy that contravenes human rights standards.

The most serious and damaging conditions faced by...

Research report

29 Aug 2011

The Bangladesh authorities must honour their pledge to stop extrajudicial executions by a special police force accused of involvement in hundreds of killings, says Amnesty International in this report.

"Crimes Unseen: Extrajudicial Executions in Bangladesh" also documents how the Rapid Action Battalion justify these...

Research report

24 Aug 2011

Funding decisions made at all levels of government are driving Aborigines off their traditional lands, to the detriment of their well being.

This report highlights the struggle of Aboriginal Peoples to remain on their homelands inthe face of policies that have the...

Research report

27 Aug 2009

A decade after Timor-Leste voted for independence, a culture of impunity continues to haunt the country's people.

The U. N. Security Council should establish an International Criminal tribunal with jurisdiction over all grave human rights violations surrounding Timor-Leste's 1999 independence referendum and in the...


21 Dec 2007

When the internet first arrived in China in the 1990s, it was hoped a free and uncontrolled world wide web would help transform the world's most populous country into a more open society. Today, China is widely recognised as having developed the most advanced system...

Research report

25 Sep 2007

The report commends the Syrian and Jordanian governments for largely keeping their borders open to date, but it criticises other states for doing too little to help them cope with the huge demands they face in meeting the needs of around two million Iraqi refugees...

Research report

7 Jun 2007

In Amnesty International's 2007 report on the state of the world's human rights the Australian government is one of the countries singled out for criticism for adopting 'the politics of fear' in relation to asylum seekers. Additionally Australia's refugee policies, violence against women and the...



25 Feb 2004

THE RECENT hunger strike and lip-stitching protest by detainees on the Pacific island of Nauru has again thrown the spotlight on Canberra’s harsh approach to asylum seekers. The hunger strikers are among 264 detainees still held in rudimentary camps in the tiny Republic of Nauru....

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Queen's Counsel, broadcaster and author Geoffrey Robertson has achieved international fame by defending high-profile cases, often representing victims of alleged human rights abuses. Here, at an event organised by Amnesty Australia, he gives a short history of human rights, from the Magna Carta to the...

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