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30 Jan 2015

The report examined Australia’s support for service systems in decentralised contexts - the evaluation focussed on the health, education and infrastructure (water, sanitation and roads) sectors.


Public services have been decentralised in most countries where Australia provides aid. This means Australia,...


1 Aug 2014

This report evaluates how effective Australia has been in achieving gender equality outcomes in economic development programs.

Executive summary

Promoting women’s economic empowerment is ‘smart economics’. When women are fully involved in economic development, countries become more equitable and prosperous. Worldwide, there...

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1 Jan 2004

Historically, rural General Practitioners (GPs) in Australia tended to be male, Anglo, middle-class and in nuclear family structures, whereas the contemporary workforce demographic is increasingly female and of diverse ethnicity. Demographic trends and changing social values of university-educated professionals directly affect services in rural communities....

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