So you say you want a revolution? English and literacy educators shaping digital futures

27 Oct 2008

Currently, in Australia, there are a number of developments suggesting that some of the digital promises and challenges of the past two decades are being addressed. The most visible of these are the impending Digital Education Revolution that promises a computer for every student in Years 9 to 12 in Australia; the release of the Learning Federation’s Digital Learning Materials; and the accelerating proliferation of interactive whiteboards in classrooms across the country. Welcome as these may be, such significant financial investments in resources do not, in and of themselves, herald a revolution and will not necessarily improve educational outcomes. If, as the research suggests, it is the teacher rather than resources or policy that has the most profound impact on student achievement, then resourcing and policy initiatives must engage with and support classroom teachers to shape, or indeed, revolutionise digital futures in classrooms.

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