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Research report

14 Dec 2017

To understand why people on low incomes do or do not take out insurance we need to understand their overall financial circumstances and the multiple risks they face.

Research report

5 Dec 2017

This research looks at why young, early school leavers are not considering VET as a means of gaining skills, and why, if they do start a VET course, some disengage and drop out.

Research report

4 Dec 2017

Long-term unemployment remains a threat for young Australians, but blaming them for this situation is not supported by the facts.


28 Nov 2017

The interaction of personal care workers with residents is the focus of this short report from research about regulation and dementia care.

Research report

3 Nov 2017

Motor vehicles represent a significant asset for most Australian adults, as well as a vital enabler for economic and social interaction. Insurance is a sensible precaution to protect against unexpected loss or damage.

Research report

31 Aug 2017

What is needed to overcome the disadvantage faced by asylum seekers when competing in the labour market?

Working paper

15 Jul 2017

In a changing employment and budgetary context, there is renewed interest in the concept of a basic income.

Working paper

30 Apr 2017

This paper provides a basis for a broader understanding of the factors that shape financial wellbeing and the capacity of individuals to experience economic security.

Research report

27 Mar 2017

Increasingly, unemployment rates tell only part of the story of young people’s jobs challenge. Underemployment, at 18 per cent of the nation’s youth labour force, is the highest in the 40 years since the ABS count officially began. And unemployment – at 13.5 per cent...

Research report

21 Nov 2016

The youth unemployment rate of 12.8% (trend rate) for October remains much higher than the rates before the global financial crisis – which were below 9% – according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). The rate has climbed steadily from the year’s low of...

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